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The Technical Curriculum Writer must possess technical knowledge and/or experience developing technical learning resources including creating learning objectives, expository content, eLearning, learning assessment and learner analytics support development, and instructional manuals for teachers and students.

The role requires an individual who can innovate, move quickly, and not be constrained by how things have been done before. While the Technical Curriculum Writer may or may not be steeped in AWS and the Cloud, he/she should be technically strong and have significant experience with technical subject matter and be able to earn an AWS associate level certification.

Some of the key job functions:
· Lead AWS Educate content projects through the design lifecycle from scoping, research and analysis, design, development, and launch; providing clear timelines through all phases, communicating with key partners, and selecting appropriate measurement for successful implementation;
· Identify learning objectives, performance outcomes, and evaluative strategies to deliver content including consulting with program owners and subject matter experts to identify performance gaps and content requirements;
· Manage the development of instructional materials (tutorials, digital interactives, user guides, audio and video scripts, story boards, navigational text, tests, etc.) that transform technical information into professionally written, engaging instruction;
· Manage permissions and authorization of use for all AWS Educate content – text, multi-media, graphics, translations and other materials – to ensure all content approvals are in place for production and distribution;
· Direct and guide learning design for internal and/or external subject matter experts seeking to produce and publish technical content for AWS Educate;
· Create evaluation framework to identify and monitor metrics that inform and validate AWS Educate content quality, member usage; business impact, and scalability;
· Create partnerships with internal teams (especially our training team, service teams, marketing) to produce content and drive greater value for students and educators;
· Manage program deliverables within budgetary, resource and scheduling requirements against defined project milestones and deadlines; and
· Be the voice of the customer, ensuring that their needs are at the forefront of our content efforts and help our team iterate and improve on our content offering.